Monday, December 22, 2008

Gabbie's 8th birthday party!

Gabbie had a Princess/Spa/Slumber party, I don't know what on earth made me have that big of a party, normally they say when you invite 20 people, 10 will come.. nope.. everyone came, which was great, but have YOU ever had that many little girls spend the night at your house?Well, actually only 12 of them stayed the night. Gabbie had a blast and I have to admit, I had fun too, but by the next morning, I was in need of a spa treatment myself! :) The party started at 6:00 P.M. and lasted until 11:30 A.M. ( yea..)
I got my pictures a little backwards here, but when the girls first arrived, we had a Princess tea party followed by a royal spa treatment which consisted of facials, manicures and pedicures. That actually took A LONG TIME!!! in between apointments, my wonderful husband played games with the girls ( I even went in to find him in a tiara dancing like a ballerina) hey.. whatever works I say..
After the Spa treatments Gabbie opened her gifts and those that were not staying overnight were picked up. Terry ordered Pizzas for dinner and we played freeze dance, charades and hot potatoe. After the games we made popcorn and watched movies until every one passed out. I know Gabbie will remember this party for a long, long time,( as will I) As tired as I was the next day, it was so worth it.. Oh.. let me mention that two of my closest friends ( who's children were at the party) called me from our favorite restaurant to taunt me.. NICE..( I hope you reading this KIM and CRYSTAL!) :)
This little dance/song.. or whatever you want to call it, cracked me up.. it's called Little Sally Walking.. the things they pick up at school... and then teach to my friends 3 and 4 year olds ( gotcha back KIM and CRYSTAL!)
They have to stand in a circle and sing this little chant
one little girl gets on the inside of the circle and starts walking around and they sing
"Little Sally walking, walking down the street
she didn't know what to do so she stopped in front of me
( they have to stop in front of someone)
they put their hands on their hips and and say
Hey girl do your thing, do your thing now switch
( they have to do some sort of little dance and switch with the girl in front of them and it starts all over again.. lets just say it can get VERY old, VERY fast!!
The little buggers FINALLY fell asleep around midnight! This only some of them.. they were everywhere!!!
Twelve of the girls spent the night!( I know... call me crazy!)

Gabbie getting her eye treatment

Opening presents

a quick snapshot of 13 of the SEVENTEEN kids we had at the party.
( ask me if I learned my lesson?? the answer is YES!) That is the last time I will attempt manicure, pediures and facials on that many kids.. and then feed them sugar and let them spend the night!!

Some of the goodies, we had chocolate covered strawberries, mints, ants on a log, donut holes and strawberry lemonade for the royal appetizers. YUM!!


Spa table

Picture of the party table, I just realized I took this before I had the food on it.. it was much prettier with all the food! :)

So yea.. I'm thinking McDonalds next year!!
Oh.. and does anyone else's husband get called out to an urgent business meeting at 10:30 P.M.? just curious.

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Tonya said...

Hey, I am calling you C R A Z Y !!!!! Seriously though, I am sure Gabby will remember this party fondly : ) She better, huh, cause it sounds like the one and only time it will happen LOL I say your lucky they went to sleep. I remember slumber parties and we would stay up ALL night. By about 3 am a fight would start and the party would split into two sides. After much crying and hugging, everyone would be best friends again by 6 am and we would FINALLY go to sleep. Memories lol

Happy Birthday, Gabby!!!