Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh my Heck.. Someone PINCH me...

Seriously.. pinch me.. not hard, just to make sure I'm awake ( just DO it) you may recall me bragging on my beautiful girls in this post. well.. do you remember what ELSE that post was about??? a um.... STROLLER maybe, that I desperately wanted to win? Well guess what?
I WON!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't she a BEAUTE? I can hardly believe it. I have been coming back to the computer all day just to make sure there wasn't a mistake!! Thank you to Trisha and all the wonderful girls at MOMDOT and of course MUTSY for the chance to win this amazing, amazing stroller!! you can check out NiniandLoli if you are interested in one of these gems for yourself! WHOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!