Monday, December 8, 2008


Gabbie is a Domestic Diva in the making!!

My Parents got Gabbie lots of baking products for her birthday, she loves to be in the kitchen with me baking and cooking! Included in the gift was this snazzy Apron and chef hat, it has an oven mit too. She wore the entire ensemble to the grocery store to pick out her ingredients. She did this all by herself.

After cracking a couple of eggs on the counter and floor, she got the hang of it!

and now for some oil..

This was her favorite part! ( isn't it all of ours? )

Finished cakes! fresh from the oven.

Cupcake anyone?


She was quite proud of herself!

"They look AMAZING" she said..

Tasting the goods


I'm so proud of her!! She is so happy to have her own set of cookware ( Thanks mom and daddy!!) I see some holiday baking in our very near future!! :) Now if I could only stop being so wimpy and teach her how to sew..sigh.. I'm so afraid she's gonna get those cute little fingers caught. :(


African Kelli said...

Cute Cupcake! And the baked goods look nice too! :)

Jill said...

Such a Cute Chefs hat too! It is really fun watching my daugher's learn to bake too!

WTG Gabbie! They look Yummy :)

Jennifer said...

A miniature Barefoot Contessa!