Sunday, December 7, 2008

The elusive Logan and some sewing projects..

Well, at long last, here is a picture of Logan. This is from a few months ago, but it's the most recent I have ( hence the name), I have to sneak up on him. He's quite the cutie don't you agree? ( I know I'm his mom and all.. but seriously, he's cute!)

So you know how I've been MIA lately on my blog? This is what I've been up to. I have to find a balance..( is that possible? I see people do it.. update their blogs every day and still have lots of crafty goodness to show) I'll try to be better...really I will.
I got these pictures a little backwards, this is the back.


I love the Anna wrap dresses. You can get the pattern from Jona as well as some other great patterns and fabric. plus, you've never met anyone nicer, seriously. ( is nicer a word?)

and some aprons for cooking up some Christmas yummies!! :) I'm taking several of these to a local boutique here.

And last but not least the tutu twirl, This has been my most popular seller.
So there you have it, one of the reasons for my long absence. Anyone else sewing up some Christmas goodies?


jona said...

Logan is definitely a handsome young man (and I should know because I have 3 young daughters and I'm always keeping a look out for nice young men!). He has really great hair too (and you can tell him I said that)!

You have definitely been busy lately and I love what you're making. I may pick your brains on that tutu skirt since I've been wanting to make something like that for my girls (I think it's cute on big girls too!).

Thanks for saying such nice things about me (I'm really a stinker though)!

Bloggymommy said...

You're like supermom! Those are soooo cute! You're very creative! I love 'em!

And your son is very handsome! He should love having his pics done! He reminds me of one of the Jonas brothers...I don't remember which one though! lol

Jennifer said...

If I had a little girl, that skirt would be in her closet for sure!