Friday, May 2, 2008

Should I be sewing?

Well, of course I should be sewing... what kind of a silly question is that?? instead, I have been playing with my new "toy" that my precious hubby got me! I have alot to learn.. but I have hardly put the camera down since I got it, so if the practice makes perfect theory is correct.. I should have it covered. We have a new angel joining our family today, in fact, I'm on my way to pick her up in about 2 hours, so I hope to have some baby feet shots ( my absolute favorite!!) I can't wait to just hold her, she's 2 days old. Have you noticed that I can change from one subject to the next without a moments notice? ( this could be why I always have 10 different projects going on at once, what is that a sign of??? I wonder) focus Michelle.. back to the photos... here are some practice shots, if you are a photographer and would like to share your expertise, I won't cry if you give me some nice constructive critism! ( ok, maybe I'll cry, but I would still like to hear it)

1 comment:

Clara said...

NICE pictures!!!!! I so need to get me that camera!!!!

I can't wait to see your new baby feet, too!!!!