Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gotta love Gabbie

Ok, so I am over at Ameilia's blog, and I read one of the funniest posts I have ever read in my entire life. And I started thinking, Gabbie has been pretty darn funny this week. I have called all of my family ( like I do every time she does something funny...which is often!) and I thought, maybe you might find it kind of funny too! She's a funny girl my girl...( I have to just give a shout to Jona who made the beautiful dress she's wearing!) You have to check out her fabric shop too!! ok.. on to the funnies..
This was our conversation in the car the other day
Gabbie- MOMMY, WHY do girls have to change their name when they get married and boys don't, it's just not fair
Me- Well, it's just what we do, The husband becomes the head of the house and the wife takes his name.
Gabbie- Well I'm not
Me- you COULD be Gabrielle B-R ( her name plus the name of the boy she says she's going to marry... that's a whole other story)
Gabbie- ummm...NOPE
Gabbie- WHY did YOU do it? was your name ugly?
Me- NO, I liked my name, but I love Daddy and I wanted to share his name with him.
Gabbie- I'm not.. Do you think it will hurt his feelings?
Me- It might
Gabbie- Well, I still ain't doin' it.
( yes, that is my strong willed, hard headed girl, but ya gotta love her, If you know my daughter, you know this conversation was inevitable. maybe she'll change her mind.. but as of right now, it's doubtful)
Story 2
We were driving in the car and she was talking..( she talks ALOT) and I was KIND OF listening and kind of tuned out.. so here is what I remember.....
Gabbie... talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.....
me- mmmhhmmm, really baby?
Gabbie.. Talk, talk..." But he was crapping all over my style.".. talk talk
me- WHHAAA??? Whaat did you say?
Gabbie- He was crapping all over my style, you know, like when someone messes
with your style, it's called crapping all over your style.
me- Do you mean CRAMPING your style?
Gabbie- Yes, but I'm pretty sure it's called Crapping all over your style.
Me- aye..yi... yi...


Dena Berg (SugarShop) said...

OMG the crapping all over my style is too funny! I'm totally using that. LOL. My husband would be happy if I never wore anything but jeans and a t-shirt. He just doesn't get fashion, so next time I questions me I am going to tell him to stop crapping all over my style!!!

Clara said...

Ha ha...that picture of your little sweetie totally goes with those stories!!!! She is a cutie!!!

Tonya said...

I am literally LOL over the "crapping all over my style"! Toooo funny!

I love the dress, that Jona is so talented : )

jillytacy said...

Crap is my choice naughty word to use ever since I become a mother(it's much better than my previous swearing like a sailor days.) Anyway that is too funny, "Crapping all over my style." Your Gabby sounds like she's lots of fun!