Sunday, May 4, 2008


She's here! and she is breathtaking!

As promised...:)
My kids are loving her up as Gabbie likes to say! It's hard to put her down for sure!!
My girly girl after day of playing with 5 boys at Grammy and Papa's house. notice the dirt stained cheeks?
Cant' forget about my handsome man.. it almost hurts to say that beacause it's coming up way too fast. I can't believe it!!
He's a boy of MANY talents!! skateboarding being one of them, Sometime I will have to post pictures of his art, he is an AMAZING artist!! Gotta love my Logan! ;)

I really am working on some projects, really I am.. projects that don't involve a camera ( well, at least until it's time to post them! :) Hope everyone is having a great Sunday afternoon! :)


Emilee said...


Your energy is totally amazing! After reading your blog for the first time I feel like I've had a couple cups of expresso! What a wonderful woman and artist you are.
Glad we met on ebay.

African Kelli said...

Ah! That baby and your older children are simply beautiful. I can't wait to hear more about them.

Lynn said...

Oh My!!! That new little angel is adorable!!!! I would be spoiling her rotten too! I don't think you can ever hold them too much! My 15 yr old beat me to the crib Chloe's first night home. He was rocking her in her nursury by the time I got there!!!!

Sweet pics girl!


Trish said...

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog. I'm so glad you said hello so that I could follow to your own blog. I just love all your little crafty projects and am inspired by the many ways you serve.

I can't wait to read more!

Trish (Paulding County, GA)

Tonya said...

Just wanted to thank you for commenting at my blog : ) I am so glad you did, because I found yours! Your new baby is absolutely beautiful as are your older children! I would love to be involved in your Stitch and a Prayer charity, please let me know what to do!

PamperingBeki said...

My goodness Michelle, they're GORGEOUS! All of them!

You're supermom.

Tonie said...

Wow how do you do it. I have three and my two oldest are adopted. infact today is the blessed day 6 years ago. may God bless you for opening up your heart to be childern who need love.

I laughed when I your boy on the skate board. My oldest can do anything you put infront of him. My daughter has envy some times.

pamibe said...

Beautiful kids and that baby is just begging to be cuddled! LOL! Love the foot shot. ;)

Jackie said...

Aaaawwww! I miss my babies! Can you believe they're getting ready to turn TWO...?! I wasn't ready for the first one and here it comes again! YIKES!

Love the blog...and you KNOW I love pictures! :-)

randi said...


I am visiting for the first time but I just have to comment on your gorgeous babe! Beautiful. Your older children are darling too!

Christy said...

What an adorable baby, a blessing indeed! Will visit your blog again, for sure.

Take care.