Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who remembers Teddy Ruxpin?

If you go over to MOMDOT you can try to win him!! cool eh? I'm trying to win him for our new little guy, wish me luck! :) but get over there and try to win him for yourself.. I won't be mad at ya.. promise! :) This would make an awesome Christmas gift!!


Ollie Girl! Custom Boutique said...

I remeber Teddy Ruxpin!! I actually have an old commercial of him on a video tape of "Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin" that my dad taped for us kids when we were little! ohhhh I am so sentimental!

I Hope you win him!!!

Bloggymommy said...

Oh I used to love Teddy! My babysitter's daughter had one and I was always so jealous! He was so much fun! I haven't thought about that in years! Thanks for the laugh and stroll down memory lane! :)