Monday, April 28, 2008

He totally digs me!!

By he, I mean this guy...Here he is on Easter holding our foster son. My birthday was Friday, normally, we don't do alot for our birthdays ( the kids birthdays are another story entirely) But this year, for some reason, he decided to spoil me rotten ( I think he knew I nearing a birthday meltdown as I get closer and closer to 40, only one more year to go) anyway.. lets scroll down shall we?

He got me THIS!!!!!!!!!! I was very surprised ( elated, but surprised) I have been wanting it for some time now. I was not expecting it. I started to save for it ( but my savings kept get spent on kid stuff!!!!) Happy Happy birthday girl!!! wait.. you thought I was finished didn't you.. nope.. shall we take a scroll??

AND THIS!!!!!!!!!!! It's on back order.. but it's coming!! whohooooooo!!! it's coming.. today in fact is the estimated delivery day!!! Joyful Joyful birthday girl!!!!!! WAIT.. again!!!! A scrolling we will go... a scrolling we will go....
AND THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! ( not sure how to take this gift..) LOL!!! totally kidding, I wanted this. It was the only thing I really cared about at the gym. Man.. this guy is good!!!

He actually got a bonus on a house he just finished, and decided to spend it spoiling me!! ( usually it goes into savings) I am just so surprised!!! and so grateful!! there is something else!! ( can you believe it?) you'll have to check out Sandi's blog to see it, because it's not here yet, and Lisa
doesn't have it listed on her site, it was a special mothers day edition. It is beautiful, I can't wait for it to get here!!! :) check out Lisa's website for more gorgeous items! WOW... lucky me! now, I'll be a picture taking, exercising, necklace wearing fool!! :)


Clara said...

What a lucky girl you are, Michelle!!!! I soo need that camera myself!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!

African Kelli said...

Um, that is wonderful! Congrats! Happy birthday, and oh my gosh how adorable is that little one?

jona said...

Wow!! Are you spoiled or what??!! Have fun with ALL of them!!

Lynn said...

I'm so jealous! I've needed a new camera for a year now since Chloe dropped mine and broke the flash! So happy for ya getting spoiled like that!!! Hoping for awesome pics for you!