Friday, August 14, 2009

Welcome Home Ava Grace!! :)

We had a Welcome Home/Birthday party last weekend For Ava Grace!! What a special day!! We combined her Adoption party and her first birthday party because we got her after she turned a year old, so we wanted her 1st birthday pictures for her baby book. She had so much fun and couldn't understand why everyone was making such a huge fuss over her... We've been dreaming of you for a long time baby girl.. That's Why!! ;)

Her guests arriving and signing her welcome home banner.. all of the guest wrote their wishes for her and we will have it laminated.
Opening presents with Mommy's help!

Her Welcome Home sign.
it has her adoption announcement up top and our court picture below..

My pictures are a little backwards.. ;)

I could just gobble her up!! :)

My angel! :)

Her cake.

I melted here..( in case you didn't notice my face and all..) when she finished opening her gifts, she ran to me and threw her arms around me.. what a wonderful, beautiful child!!!!

Here's to a lifetime of happy memories baby!!! Mommy loves you!!!!!!


Dearest Jessica said...

She is so beautiful and you will be so blessed by her!!!!!!

Looks like an amazing party!

Melissa said...

Your pictures made me cry!!! I am SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU ALL!!!! BIG BIG HUGS, GIRL!!!!

btw.. there's a little something for you over at FC.. :o)

Michelle said...

Thanks guys!! I feel so incredibly blessed..

dang you Melissa.. as soon as I read what you wrote I started bawling! LOL..I have had this child since March and everytime I think of how lucky I am.. I just break down. I wonder when it will sink in and I'll stop crying. :) happy tears though..such happy tears!!!

So, I Begin this Journey...... said...

Just found your blog.....from one mommy to another who had children "grown in her heart".....congratulations on your newest addition.
Oh, yeah...the *happy* tears never stop flowing.....