Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stop the Press!

Finally, I did it!! I joined the blogging world! I say joined, I should say that I am contributing to it seeing as though I have been a complete blog stalker for a good while now. It's a wonder I ever get anything done ( I am doing quite well on my daily reading quota) I will get the hang of this blogging thing yet, I'm determined, so please just bare with me while I figure it out. I did manage to make my own banner, it took me endless hours to figure it out, but there you have it. :) I hope that I can inspire someone the way I have been inspired! :) Ok, I'll shut up now! ( I will add a picture of one of my latest craft endeavors, it IS a special occassion you know! :) I made this "snugglebunny" for my Gabbie to take with her when she has her surgery.


vuelodemariposas said...

nice bunny^^

jona said...

Yippy!! Michelle has a blog! What a cute bunny too!

Christy said...

What a cute bunny creation!