Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Baby Love!!

An update on my precious boys!!
CA-UTE.. is what they are!! Here are a few pictures of them when they were in our care over 2 years ago.
( I have been wanting to post about them, but I never post about a child without a go ahead from the parents.. I got it.. so hear ya go.. you'll love these little buggers!)
They too have an amazing story ( you can clearly see God's hand in each case)

Meet Jonathon and Jacob
Jacob was diagnosed with Hemophilia while he was in our care and I was completely devastated. I cried and prayed over this baby like you wouldn't believe. I had no idea what hemophilia even was! ( here is where God said.."watch this" or that's what I assume he said ;)) Would you believe that his adoptive mommy was a nurse in the neonatal unit?? He was going to be in the best possible hands, what an answer to prayer! ( he's the cutie with his eyes open in the picture, lying next to his oh so precious brother.)

Aren't they just the most precious babies??

We became very good friends with their mommy and daddy and are so happy to get constant updates and pictures. Their mommy has also been kind enough to send me boxes of their outgrown clothes to use with future children. There is this unspoken bond there.. well, maybe not unspoken but a bond none the less. The friends we have made through this entire process is unbelievable!! People who we never would have met otherwise, Many of them clear across the country.

Here are a couple of recent photos, are they not a beautiful family? I am so happy to call them my friends, they are just amazing, amazing people!! If your reading this.. I love you guys!!

I have some exciting news to share soon.. It's hard not to blurt it out, but we have to get all our ducks in a row before the announcement which will probably have a blog to itself!!


Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

What beautiful children! And such a miracle too.

I'm not good at waiting for announcements at all. I think that you should BLURT it out!

Melissa said...

What a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!! The boys are BEYOND darling!

A cliff hanger??! NO FAIR!!!!!! Give us a HINT!! :o)

Melissa said...

OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Please email me at!!!


Dearest Jessica said...

My husband and I are in the process of adopting our son through the foster care system. What a neat journey you have had watching the boys grow with their family after taking care of them.


Amy said...

They are absolutely beautiful!!!

So glad you stopped by my blog. I can't wait to follow your story!

Jackie said...

Grr! I have tried to leave a comment several times and blogspot is eating them!

I loved getting the updates from you before we brought the boys home, so I'm MORE than happy to return the favor! :-)

We were going to start the process again here, but decided to wait til we get state-side again...our time here is almost over and we wouldn't have enough time to complete the homestudy before we moved...patience is NOT one of my virtues....!

Take care and hopefully we'll see you soon :-)