Thursday, July 24, 2008

Guess where I've been hiding??

YEP, it's true.. I paid a visit to the lady herself! :) One of my best friends has been living in New York with her little daughter who models/acts and me and 2 other friends went up to be with her on her birthday. My wonderful parents payed for my trip because they knew how long I have wanted to go! Thanks Mom and Daddy!!! I can't even tell you how much I loved it, to the point where I was brought to tears more than once. Just to be able to be at ground zero in person and to see the lady was very moving.

This is actually the view from Kim's apartment balcony. It was great to wake up and see this every morning. I took this one morning while everyone else was still sleeping.
Times Square... I LOVE Times square

We had so much fun shopping and we did lots of eating!! we did all of the touristy stuff..
It was everything I hoped it would be!! I have a ton of pictures, but I would be here all day if I posted them all. heck.. I even loved the subway! :) and the crazy taxi drivers!( my friends 4 year old can hail a taxi like nobody's business) yep, I love New York!

I had to post a picture of the Broadway sign, one of my lifelong dreams was to be on Broadway.. ok,so I was on Broadway, not ON Broadway.. but I did see a show.. Mary Poppins!! It was fabulous! :)
I'm finding it impossible to describe... but lets just say.. I will from this day forth stop making fun of people with bumper stickers that say I LOVE NEW YORK.. I SO get it now! ;)


randi said...

I have only been to NY once, for a day, and I loved it! What a fabulous place!

Marie said...

How exciting! I would love to take a trip with my hubby to NY one day and take my girls to the American Girl store. Glad you had fun! What a treat-your parents are awesome!

Clara said...

OMG...we sooooo want to go to NY...that's on our list of places to go!!!! GREAT Pictures...glad you had fun!!!!