Monday, June 23, 2008

My first blog award!!

She likes me... she really likes me!!! :) This Arte Y Pico award is such an honor. From what I gather, this is an art and creativity award,so coming from The Mom over at Cheaper than therapy makes it even more special! I just love her blog! This is all very exciting!!

This is what I get to do now..
Choose 5 blogs that you consider deserving of this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also contribute to the blogging community

I would now like to pass this award to the following blogs.

Jona at Stop Staring and Start Sewing it's no secret how much I love her blog and just her as a friend. She is a constant source of inspiration. I can never read her blog without wanting to go straight to the sewing machine ( or bake cookies for a UPS guy!)

Tonya at Puddin Pop How she does what she does, I have no idea!! I love reading her blog. I think all mothers could learn something from her!

Clara at Mimi Kattini She is a great designer and fun girl. She has quickly become one of my favorite spots in blogland. Alot of her work goes to charity which I admire so much! Just can't say enough about her and her creativity.

Dena over at Sugar Shop Her photography, sense of humor and mad sewing skills keep me coming back. I think you'll agree that she is very deserving of this award. I think everything she touches turns to art.

and last but certainly not least TADA! Creations She never ceases to amaze me. Her designs are beautiful. I love the way she mixes colors and patterns.


Tonya said...

You are so sweet, Michelle! Thank you so much, I am honored : )

I am going to go and check out the other blogs you awarded!

Clara said...

Oh you've gone and made me blush...*MUA*...Thank you!

You are admired as well, my dear...not everyone has the calling to be a foster parent!

Thank you once again!

jona said...

Oh wow!! I am in such fine company (those others are some of my absolute favorites!)! I just got back in town and found this, what an honor! Thank you Michelle!

Amy said...

congrats! that's great

The Mom said...

You are so deserving!